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"Mandarine Robotique offers a mobile charging station that automates and mutualizes the recharging of electric vehicles, enabling business fleets to go electric with a lighter, optimized infrastructure and with less investment than fixed stations."
Laurent Dabrowski

Murray, a new vision of car charging

Market challenges

By 2030, there will be 53 million electric vehicles in Europe.
90% of charging takes place at the destination.

More concerned than anyone, fleet managers have confirmed the following needs:

Avoiding oversized electrical infrastructures

Avoiding terminals being under-used because they are blocked by buffer cars.

Reducing work and enabling temporary installations

Simplifying day-to-day use

Murray mobile and flexible

Murray is a flexible mobile charging station:

Easy to install for temporary or upgradeable

parking lots

No special electrical installation required

Charging capacity from 7 to 11kW, without battery

Charging without human intervention

Daily charging

Simplifies fleet management

Compatible with commercial vehicles and private cars.
Successive recharging of up to 6 different vehicles, replacing 6 charging points, with savings of up to 40%.

Product features

Power cable unwinds in sync with movement - patent pending

Designed for use outdoors and on uneven ground

Load data collection and communication with users

Non-intrusive electronics added to the car for identification and hatch unlocking

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